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    Default Password problem with updating postgresql

    I've just installed HEM on a brand new clean empty computer. I ran the holdem manager installation exe and clicked next a bunch of times, and postgresql was automatically installed in the process. The version it installed was outdated, 8.1 or something, while the most recent one is 8.4 or so and has had some security fixes since, which I find important. I've downloaded the 8.4 installer, which says it detected an older installation (8.1), and will upgrade the existing installation instead of installing a completely new one. Then it asks for the "password for the database superuser and service account (postgres)."

    I never specified any password during the installation of holdem manager, and the passwords your FAQ suggests also don't work. Holdem manager is working fine. Help?

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    The HM installer uses Postgresql 8.4. I guess your 8.1 was already installed from other Poker programs like PT2?

    But you say HM is working without problems? Then you should see the password in the HM database management or at the top of the file config\holdemmanager.config

    If you want to delete the postgresql user, open a command box as administrator and type
    net user postgres /delete

    After this you can reinstall postgresql and assign a new password.

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