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    Default Importing issues

    I have just updated HEM from 11.02 to 11.03. I now can no longer use free phg on party poker.Any tables opened do not show stats.They show up in the table manager but a full ring table will show as a 6 handed table with no players (0/6) Using the table finder does not work either.There are no table stats from the HUD but also HEM is not importing any files from these open tables.Does anyone else have these issues now?Does anyone have a solution?Does free phg still work?

    P.S Party Poker have also done a software update in the time of me updating HEM so its possible either could be responsible for the lack of importing from these tables


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    As far as i know FreePHG has a problem caused by the party update. You should look for an update.

    The native party import in Holdemmanager should work without problems.

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