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    Cool the best way to review my game

    which is the best way to review
    my game after a session?
    I play SnG.


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    -1 Analyse all the allin / 1000+ chips hands in the replayer.
    Did you make the right decision? Based on the statistics of all the players, do the HoldemManager stats support that decision.

    -2 do the same for hands where you had the nuts: could you extract more value?

    -3 Compare your session MAIN stats: VPIP/PFR to other sessions and your overall stats.
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    Same question but for FR!!!

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    For FR CG ?

    Well, just look at your session are take the biggest hands you've got.

    Then, on every hand look deeply in players stats in order to find an error you could have made.

    For example, many people don't know why they're always shoving KK against AA. They're like "I can't avoid it, I gotta move in". Ok, then look at the guy's stats. If he's a 5/1/0.2 guy who just raises you all in when you 3bet him, you can easily fold your KK, since you're playing at best for a split pot.
    The thing is, you have to be honest with yourself when you make a session review, and try to pay attention to absolutely everything, which you can't do when playing.
    So, when you'll be playing you'll pay attention to these things you missed earlier on naturally.

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    I use the reports for see the the hole cards with more winnings at showdown and so stimate a hand range. I am trying to use just that range for open any pot.

    I also see my winnings from position, the big losees has been from the big bling, the big winnings ( and most of then) has been from co to sb.
    Also, the preflop activity, my big losses has been when I am facing raisers. My big winnins has been from unopened pots.

    ok, for every single report, i see the vpip and the pfr and try to see if they are almost the same, it depends of your style, I use the tight aggresive, after I enter to a pot I play it very aggresive. But ok, If I see alot of activity; i can fold a KK or even AA without any hesitation.

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