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    Default Trouble restoring database

    I got a new comp with windows 7 and I am trying to use my database from my other computer which I backed up onto an external hard drive.

    On the new comp I first installed postgresql, making sure I unselected 'Initialize Database Cluster' in step 10 of

    Now I am trying to follow these instructions to select my old database

    Step 4 of the later link is: '4) In pgAdmin, click on Edit > New Object > New Database. A New Database dialog will pop up'

    I am unable to click 'New Object' because it is greyed over. Any suggestions?


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    When trying to restore a database from a backup you need a running cluster.

    This option is only obsolete when you want to use a data folder from a previous postgresql installation.

    Start the installation of postgresql again, initialize the cluster, create an empty database and restore again.

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    Ok I am attempting to start the installation again, however I am getting the error message : "data directory already contains a postresql databes of this version..."

    so I followed these instructions

    You must *fully* remove PostgreSQL if you want to install it again.

    1. Uninstall from control panel. add/remove programs
    2. manually delete the Program Files\Postgresql folders
    3. run the command (no quote marks) - start > run > 'cmd' > "net user postgres /delete"
    - reboot.
    On the third step i get 'Access is denied'

    I have been trying to install HEM and import my old database for 2 days now... I'm searching every forum etc but running into problem after problem...ugh!

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    For reinstalling SQL to a new/empty DB, please follow these steps:

    1) Uninstall PostgreSQL from the Windows Control Panel.
    2) manually delete or rename the Program Files\Postgresql folders
    3) run the command - start > programs > accessories > command prompt > right-click > run as administrator
    PHP Code:
    net user postgres /delete 
    4) reboot.
    5) Install PostgreSQL 8.4, with your firewall uninstalled or turned off if windows firewall -

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