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    Default Legacy HM1 support

    What is the commitment of the team to supporting HM1 and for what time frame?
    Will there be an option to purchase extended support?

    There are a *lot* of people who want to continue to use HM1 until HM2 is more mature and has better performance.

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    HM1 will get at least a year of full support (being able to get a HUD, import handhistories, etc.). No new features will be added to HM1.

    After that time period there are two scenario's:
    -If you own a full HM1 license (and never received a discount on HM2)--> you can continue to use HM1 for as long as you want. Although it won't receive updates, it will likely still work for months and months on some pokersites. And you can use it FOREVER to analyze your old hands.

    -If you UPGRADED to HM2, getting a discount price on HM2 (the emphasize is on the 'discount') the HM1 license will expire. And after a year you'll be unable to run HM1.
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