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    Default Bought omaha manager but cant view omaha hands

    hi just purchased omaha manager addon for my HM pro.. do i need diffrent serial code to view my omaha hands? i get error saying cant view omaha hands on this version of HM...

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    If you have not received your license in 12 - 24 hours, please send your details to

    Also, please update to the latest beta -

    When you get your new code:

    1) Help > Reset License.
    2) Close HM, restart HM, click Register, and finish the registration process.
    3) If you have any problems, please try using our registration system to reset your license.
    4) If you have any problems beyond that, please email the details to

    *Please try using our registration system to register your current/new license. Then you will be able to retrieve or reset your own license, as needed.
    *If you have any problems with either of the above, please email your details to

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