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    Default Stats on wrong players in 18 man sngs after table changes

    I multitable 18 player sit and go's on Stars and any time a player moves tables the HUD stats show up on the wrong players. Is the only way to fix this to close and reopen the HUD? I have read the FAQ's and done all the recommended troubleshooting already. Using 1.06.02.

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    What do you mean when a player moves tables, is this a tourney?

    When you say the hud stats show up on the wrong players is this for every table?

    Are you using preferred seating on stars or do you sit in different seats on each table.

    Can you also attach your prefs.xml file and your holdemmanager.config file from C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager\Config folder and i look into it further
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    18 player SNG - 2 tables, 9 players each. Eventually we all merge to 1 table but before that, as players bust out, people are moved around to rebalance the tables. When this happens the stats come up wrong. For example if a player busts out, their stats will remain on the table despite a new player being moved to the table and taking their spot. So the old stats will be showing up for the new player. Sorry if I'm explaining this really poorly.

    The HUD stats only show up incorrectly on tables where player moves have occurred, not all the tables.

    I've attached holdemmanager.config, but it says my prefs.xml is an invalid file. I also have 2 prefs.xml that normal? prefs.xml_1.04.13 and prefs.xml_1.05.08.

    //Edit please dont double post as its confusing, ive replied to your other post for the same problem and well deal with it in that thread
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