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    Default Trouble importing


    I have been trying to make Holdem manager work for two complete days now, the HUD overlay works but I can t get the hands to import into holdem manager. This means I have no stats at all to analyse in the main program, however I get stats on the table from the HUD overlay. I have been trying the program with ultimatebet and pokerstars. It has to be an import hands problem because I get ''the HUD cannot find any unattached hands'' from the table finder when I do table/table finder. I am running Vista and I turned off the UAC and restarted the computer. I am also run the 1.09.23a version of holdem manager. I have a feeling the database doesn't work somehow. I have been trying to import the hand history into different files and folders to see if my import location was the problem. I get a number next to the players tab in the program(number of players I played in tournaments). However, I don t have any stats or players name that comes with it. I am really out of ideas, PLEASE help me!

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    Please answer these questions.
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