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    Default HUD makes table switching SLOOOWWW

    Hey all, I'm a 16-tabler on FTP. I use three Dell 20's, so only 12 show up fullsize with no overlap. So I "float" tables in the bottom center of each monitor, and one more floating behind on one screen.

    As a result, I need to be able to click a part of one table that is behind another and have the table switch over as I click it. With HEM (I'm in the trial period deciding whether to buy), when I click the table that's behind it often takes up to 2-3 seconds to switch over to that table. Needless to say, that won't work for me while 16-tabling.

    I've isolated the issue to HEM (I do run FTShortcuts and FTTableOpener while playing)...never happened on PT3 (but I do like HEM so much more and want to buy and use HEM exclusively). Nonetheless, I tried to vacuum analyze the hands I purchased yesterday and HEM just immediately said the database was I tried the manual vacuum. I've also tried everything that applies to me on the "experiencing lag" FAQ...

    -my graphics card drivers are fully updated
    -my opacity sliders are all the way to the right
    -I tried force ontop and it was a disaster (all my stats were showing up on tables that were behind the table I was looking at)
    -"Use Multiple Panels" is not ticked
    -I just defragged my hard drive a couple of weeks ago and seriously doubt this is the issue, though if someone really thinks this is the cause I'll try it again
    -as I mentioned, I have vacuum analyzed the database
    -I can't move hardware acceleration down to None...when I do it causes a problem with NVidia that tells me to turn it back to Full...right now it's in between (on the setting that says "Disable all cursor and advanced drawing accelerations. Use this setting to correct drawing problems.")
    -I've changed my Power Options to Max Battery Power
    -It's not antivirus

    And I'm playing on the most recent version and running Windows XP. Can anyone please help? I really want HEM to work for me -- it seems clearly like a superior program to PT3 but I definitely have to get this issue fixed.

    Oh, per villain I'm displaying:
    --- New Line ---
    BB Fold vs. Steal
    Limp call
    --- New Line ---
    Flop CB
    Fold to flop CB
    Donk bet flop
    Fold donk bet vs. raise flop

    Doesn't seem like an exorbitant amount of stats to display...I have bumped the font up to Verdana 9.

    That's about all the info I can think of...if anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    What are your machine specs? Laptop or desktop? You could try the performance tuning for postgresql and see if it helps any -

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    Quote Originally Posted by fozzy71 View Post
    What are your machine specs? Laptop or desktop? You could try the performance tuning for postgresql and see if it helps any -
    Running Windows XP SP2 on an HP Pavilion AMD Athlon 64 Processor, 2.41 GHz, 3 GB of RAM. It's a desktop. It's still running everything else (even postgresql programs) just fine, but I'll certainly try the link you've posted!

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