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    Default I found a currency bug for swedishsite svenskaspel (bossmedia network) [#2571]

    just dl'd the latest version 1.12.01

    and i found a bug with ur new currency "sek" swedish crowns for the swedish pokersite/network svenskaspel.


    as u can see here it messes up the winnings/losses, after i DL'd latest HEM all my new hansd comes with "krsek" and before it was just regular USD, this messes up the value since both SEK and USD are something different from my actual SEK winnings, wich in this example is 953SEK, the only thing that works is GBP wich gives me the correct amount, but all my other hands are in USD, so for example this months winnings of 107k SEK, if i pick GBP for all those hands they merge together "usd hands" and "krsek hands" (the new limit/currency u added) and it becomes like 65k together, for the next month sure i can view all hands in GBP and get the correct amount, but i will never be able again to upload or view like a yearly graph etc

    so i would love for you to look into it and fix it, or just remove the krSEK all together, it was much easier to just keep it as "USD"

    edit: i can also say that this bug is only in sessions/graph mode, and it gives correct results in reports both as krSEK and $ tables + merged together krsek/$, they just show as different stakes (the hands i imported before i updated, and after)


    yesterday (when i updated my hem to the latest version) u can see that the mixx of the old hands "pre latest version" still are in my databas so that fucks everything up, and i cant use the GBP trick to get the right amount for my SEK

    same problem occurs if i try to make it a graph

    and only "kr" currency hands gets the correct kr amount if i choose GBP, as i said before

    but it works fine in reports, then both the KR tables, and $ tables just fixes down the right amount of bb's so the add up gets to the correct SEK amount

    imo just skip the new changes, and keep it as it was, all hands in $, even though its SEK, it was 10x better

    (all hands on these examples are played on svenskaspel if that wasnt clear)


    what fucks this up i think is the fact that the hands are played in SEK, but holdemmanager still thinks that we play in , and before this patch it thought that we played in $ so when i choose the currency to show in sek, if i won a pot of 10 000SEK, aka 100bb at 50/100 when i pick the currency SEK in HEM, it becomes like 120 000SEK instead as HEM thought that the 50/100 hand was played in $ or

    and that was fine, before i could just view the hands in $ and i knew that it was SEK, all hands the same currency $.

    but now hem thinks that we play in under sessionstab/graphtab so mixxed together it gets old hands $ + new hands $ aka wrong amount, since HEM thinks its the added $ SEK amount gets it wrong

    it should just connect the fact that for that example, 50/100 at svenskaspel, is 50SEK 100SEK, and if i win a pot of 100bb, 10000sek, it should just be 10000sek, take away the kr tables at svenskaspel, it just splits up all the stakes pre/post patch etc etc and the handhistorys are still bossmedia handhistorys, so its $ what ever just aslong as the same amount as i won in the pot, will be displayed at 1:1 since there only are SEK tables on whole svenskaspel! and nowhere else

    or make the old hands into "kr" hands aswell, then i atleast can look at all the hands in and it will be displayed as the correct amount, but prepatch is not the same amount, but postpatch is. so merged together it gets wrong! and the most random thing of all is if i go in under "vs players" tab, then its translated into $ all of a sudden,

    for example i won 12000 SEK during the session i wrote this post, and in reports it tells me i won 12000$ (sek zzz)
    sessions: 20000$/14000/12000/130k SEK
    graph: same

    but in VS players, it says i won 2000$, wich is kinda random it always displayed as the amount of chips won at the take AKA SEK no currency magic, aka 12000 SEK KR, and that makes me disturbed, cuz its a small network, u play daily on highstakes with the same guys and i think its really fun to keep track on how much ur + against them etc, and now its gonna get totally messed up and impossible to follow, since u wont know what hands are calculated as $ or SEK in HEM anymore, so i can be up 60 000 SEK against a guy at first, and then the next day i win another 60 000 SEK (1$~6SEK) so that would mean, the total SEK im + against that guy is 120 000 SEK, but it will be displayed as 70 000 SEK/USD.

    bottomline is, i just want to see how much SEK i won, aka chips, aka big blinds as all hands are played in sek, as it was before, all HH's should be counted as $ ones, so if i win 20000SEK, it says 20000$ and since i play on svenskaspel, i will know that its not $

    sry for long post!

    regards longple
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    also i tryed doing the multi currency fix hands thing in currency settings, but it only processes 100 hands at a time, and gets 0 fixes always

    so that seems to not be working?

    my post got ranty and long, cliffnotes summerized best in this picture:


    GBP and SEK got mixxed up

    but for the new currency thing to work, easiest is just to set it back to USD at 1:1 for svenskaspel bossmedia handhistorys, and count them all as $€ tables like it is on boss. then svenskaspelplayers get it at 1:1 just like they want, and people on boss can still for example if they won 2000€ see what that is in SEK by choosing that feature in graph/sessiontab!
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    Thanks, I've forwarded your findings to the developers.
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    If you would like to leave some feedback to help us improve the quality of the solutions, and/or the support quality you received, - you can do this here

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    I am sorry for the problems. This is a known issue the developers are working on already. We hope to have it fixed in our next release but I do not have an ETA for a release yet.

    Once it is released it will be posted in our Releases sub-forum -

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