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    Default HM2 doesn't remember what Hud I use + Bullguard is a Bully


    2 little problems here...

    When I Start a game the default hud is always opened. I choose my favorite Hub and then HM2 asks me if I would like this hud for all similar tables.
    But it always does that. I always play 45p sng same table, same stake, but it doesn't remember. It always starts the default hud
    is there an ini file or something I can change for that?

    Perhaps it's because I re-Installed it on the hard drive instead of in my c:/ drive (the Hud worked fine before)
    I don't have a lot of room on the SDD drive ... and Bullguard anti virus keeps throwing HM2 in quarantine for trying to open a webpage, no matter how much permissions I give anti-virus and firewall (all the exe files from HM2 directory + postgress )
    I also changed permissions on all the Folders
    I have spend days trying to make it work but I had to give up.

    So I turn off Bullguard when I play Poker and it works.

    I you know how to fix the hud that would be great, it's not very importand, just annoying.

    Have a nice day,

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    Assign HUDs in Site Options.

    We do not recommend many antiviruses because of this behavior. We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials and Kaspersky.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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