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Thread: 32red poker hud

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    Question 32red poker hud


    i play plo on 32red poker. i tried to set up the site for HM2, but it would not work. can somebody help me?


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    They are no longer writing hands from the point you don't contribute to the pot so we can no longer support these cash game hands -

    Microgaming has made a decision to not provide cash game customers with all hand histories for games they are seated in. *They also stopped writing anonymous hand history files but we never supported a HUD on those tables. *Even though a Microgaming cash game player has posted blinds for the round, they will now only provide customers with a hand history if the customer directly contributed to a pot. *We are no longer importing Microgaming cash game hand histories because many stats are significantly skewed as a result of the Microgaming decision to not provide hand histories on all cash game hands. *We will continue to support Microgaming tournaments as all players are provided with complete hand histories.

    See this forum thread/post for more details about these changes - Microgaming Update
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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