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    Default hand histories / support for Chico network

    I'm thinking of trying out the Chico Poker Network, home of TigerGaming, BetOnline, & others. Are there hand converters out there that definitely work with HM2 that would allow me to use a HUD, or at least let to import my own hero stats later?

    Either way, do you know if there are any plans to support Chico in the upcoming HM3 release? It's not a huge site, but it's the third largest available to U.S. players, and according to it's 15th overall (which is a lot larger than Merge, which for some reason is supported). Thanks.

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    They are part of the Chico Poker Network which we do not support. *We do not have any short term plans to add any new networks at this time. *When we decide to start adding support for more new networks again it will be done based on current pokerscout rankings and the popularity of the ticket in our system for the network.

    I believe there are 3rd party programs, such as Poker Planer and BOL Card Catcher, that you can use to make the HM2 HUD work there -*3rd Party Programs Compatible With HM2 or HM1

    There is also a new HUD/Database program recently released called DriveHUD that supports BetOnLine -

    They do not write hand histories, so we are not supporting them.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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