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    Default How to change the table HUD

    hud change.jpg

    This header on the table should had an option to easily switch HUDs but it does not appear anywhere.

    How can I switch this HUD for another one?

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    You've turned it off. Turn it back on in HUD Settings - General Settings - Common Settings - Show Table HUD.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    Hello, thanks for your message but it's not turned off. I went there and the box is checked.

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    Make sure you have selected the HUD from the upper left preview menu of the HUD Settings before checking the General Settings menu. Most of the options in the HUD Settings menu are specific to each HUD.

    If you continue to have problems:

    Please export your HUD's in HUD Settings > HUD Designer.

    Then delete the prefs.xml file in this folder:

    Windows 7/8/10, Vista



    C:\Documents And Settings\[Username]\Application Data\HoldemManager\Config

    To see these folders you may have to enable hidden files.

    Try to reproduce the problem using the default HUD/settings. If it works properly you can try importing your customized HUD again. If the problem returns after importing the custom HUD then you know that config is corrupted and you will need to delete it and rebuild it from scratch or import an older backup of that HUD config that was created before the corruption. If you have to rebuild the HUD and don't have a backup/export of your HUD from before the corruption occurred you can try to find a similar HUD to use as a starting template from our HUD Repository.

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