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    Default Unibet Hand Importing


    Got a question regarding my Unibet hands I would like to import in my HM2.
    I know that Unibet does not support the use of HM2 while playing and also using the HUD however there might be at least an option to import the hands in HM2 database right?

    Could somebody explain the steps I have to follow importing my hands played at Unibet?
    (Problem basically starts with not finding the right Site which should be Unibet in the Site Setup option)

    Thank you in advance!


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    You would need to find a 3rd party converter that can convert their hands to a format supported by HM2. We can not provide technical help for unsupported sites/networks as we do not design our software to work there or test there with all of the third party tools. If you have any problems with HM2 using third party tools, to use our software with unsupported sites, all support will need to be handled by the third party software's support team.

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