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    Default Microgaming (ladbrokes) HUD doesnt work

    My HUD on ladbrokes anonymous tables doesnt work.

    HEM doesnt import the hands and therefore does the HUD not work.

    I can manually import the file with handhistories, but thats not cool

    My setup in auto import folder is correct and the handhistories are available. It just dont import them.

    Im running version 7683, and playing on not .com
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    Move the c:\microgaming\sitename\pokermpp\gamehistory.dat file to your desktop.

    Manually import that file.

    Close your poker client.

    Reopen to create a new gamehistory file.

    Try now.

    Please follow these steps completely:

    No HUD on table or only 3 hands showing?

    We will need the answers to the questions in the thread as well.

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