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Thread: 2 SSD config

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    Question 2 SSD config


    I have 256Gb Plextor SSD for my Win7 + programs. Tomorrow I'll be installing Velox V30 120Gb for database, so I have few questions:

    1)Should I install Postrgresql to system ssd program files x68 or directly to database ssd (so I won't need to move the data folder + maybe I get some perfomance benefits?)?

    2)HM2 parent database folder - I guess it should be on the 2nd ssd for db as well, right?

    Thank you!

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    It doesn't matter where PostgreSQL is installed.
    Easiest move is:
    (move the location of the PostgreSQL /data folder)
    -2 Create a new database--> set the location of the Database parent folder also on the new SSD.
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