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    Default Sharkscope HUD on HM2 Replayer?

    I have a request. I want to use Holdem Manager 2 Replayer to review my MTT with Sharkscope HUD stats on the table.Sharkscope has a full API available (SharkScope) so it would be pretty straight forward for Holdem Manager to include Sharkscope HUD data.

    Thank you

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    So would you like the HM2 HUD to display the same information and mimic the SharkScope HUD?
    Or would you like the SharkScope API to DETECT the HM2 replayer?

    The issue is Sharkscope displays stats like ROI/profitability of a player based on games from their (mined/Sharkscope server) database.
    Wheareas HoldemManager is only allowed to display info based on your personal database.
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