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    Default HEM1 pop up layout and HUD

    hey guys, i ve been using HEM2 now for quite a while, and for my part, its not yet what we all expected. The pop up of the HUD is very slow, so when i multitable it takes sometimes too long or it might get stuck.
    I am so used to The HEM1 pop up, can anyone send me a file with that same pop up, so i can install it and use? At least sth similiar.
    I dont have HEM1 anymore. Also, anyone of you guys a have decent 6max Hud on HEm2? Mayeb i could share it somehow, i am so busy grinding for elite haha.Thank you

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    Here is a thread sharing HUD's:

    6MAX share your HM2 hud layouts

    Please update to the latest version, as it addressed performance.

    You can import the 1.0 popups in 2.0.

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