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  1. PS.FR/.ES New shared liquidation - NO HUD Zoom tables
  2. Learning HM2/Custom HUD issues
  3. Hands not loading
  4. HUD jump is the fast poker table
  5. Pokerstars is not saving hand history
  6. Reports Not showing up
  7. Import from PT4 incorrect results
  8. Pokerstars--A Few Tables Have The Wrong HUD
  9. Problem with Popus
  10. Hud PS not working for 1 specific tourney
  11. Mark current hand does not work with zoom.
  12. Partypoker missing some hands
  13. Replayer issue
  14. party poker problem with hud!
  15. A lot of bugs on the CaddyScatter
  16. Freeze on startup (before preloading hands) and graphic problems
  17. party problem
  18. Missing hand
  19. Synchronization error
  20. Bug in Report Tab - all hands shown as 1 tournament
  21. Winning Poker Network Straddle issue
  22. Start of Day (General settings) is not correctly affected in Reports
  23. error
  24. Graphics missing in Replayer and cant flick through hands
  25. winamax HUD disappearing in game when i push fold
  26. HEM2 bugging
  27. Winamax Expresso Results Not Being Shown, But Hands Are Imported
  28. free trial problem
  29. Partypoker Multiphased MTT
  30. Minor bug on - first hand after updating
  31. Hm2 stuck at loading hands.
  32. bug hud hm2...484 sur party poker
  33. No EV Stats Party Poker
  34. HM hangs after 1st startup, needs restart
  35. HM2 Small Stakes- HUD doesn't refresh
  36. Positive Net Worth / Negative bb/100 - BUG?
  37. Ipoker Omaha tournaments
  38. Wrong "vs Miss CB Flop" opportunity
  39. Replayer Skipping Hands
  40. Replayer issue
  41. NL5 showing as NL4 - Party poker
  42. River Fold always 0
  43. Bosss Media : HEM stop importing after a while
  44. no HUD in powerfest FT on bwin.be
  45. failed to load type for module tablescannermodule.
  46. Cake HUD does not show
  47. KO tournament winnings are way off
  48. Export / Import Hands from on HM to another Ipoker.it
  49. Party HUD doesn´t show all players
  50. HUD doesn't show some of my stats
  51. HM2 Trial Version
  52. Stats replayer are not the one of the players (Hands from Pokerstars.fr)
  53. Cake / Revolution no hud since last update
  54. Player line analysis bugged?
  55. Problems with hud Party Poker 3$ Sit and go hero
  56. Problems with hud Party Poker 3$ spin and goes hero
  57. HEM2 is Tilting me
  58. Vekkius forum conversion
  59. Are the new 3 max Tourneys on Party Poker Supported
  60. William Hill (ipoker) 'six+ poker' no hud?
  61. Server doesn't listen after last Windows 10 update
  62. PartyPoker Popups
  63. Error when clicking on the pencil icon in Hand Replayer to add hand notes
  64. Boss Network Hud/Table Finder no go.
  65. hm2 postgres just doesnt start
  66. Errors importing Hands from NordicBet Poker (Prima/Microgaming)
  67. pop up crashed!
  68. HUD not working on PartyPoker
  69. Can't find HH from MicroGaming Stan James
  70. HUD NETBET Speed table issue
  71. ♦ HUD freezes for one hand on some tables when auto importing ♠
  72. Hem2 doesnt save manually edited data
  73. New beta update broken zoom hud for player with rare letter in name.
  74. Not Allowing Additional Report Columns To Be Added
  75. Winning Poker Network stopped being imported since yesterday
  76. HUDS on Titan Poker
  77. Zoom HUD doesn't update
  78. help with HM2 windows 10
  79. HM2 Replayer HUD
  80. Error on startup
  81. Error occurs on startuo
  82. iPoker (Betfair) HUD and Tracking Not Working
  83. Serious bug on HUD for HM 2
  84. Re-buy/add-on detection on PokerStars MTT's
  85. overall and sessions reports missed
  86. Holdem manager confuses NL ZOOM hands with Omaha hands
  87. 888 - HUD Stats on Wrong Players
  88. HEM no longer working
  89. Cannot start hem
  90. HM2.0.0.8470 "Lock HUD layout" prevents right click note icon to show line analysis
  91. Meu hm não esta funcionando!
  92. Lost all Hand-Marks suddenly
  93. Ipoker.FR wrong result
  94. Flop bet sizing percentages on report do not match stat definitions.
  95. PokerStars KO Tournaments Messed Up
  96. HUD not showing on tables with special characters in their name
  97. Setup Hero name ?
  98. Hands not importing, HUD is working
  99. "By stakes" report gone
  100. name with symbols not tracking
  101. 200nl fastforward party
  102. the of the HUD do not change
  103. Hand history / replayer bugged
  104. Can't connect to postgres
  105. HM2 Color Bug in abbreviations HELP pls, super annoying :(
  106. HM 2 crashing on startup windows 10
  107. PO : HM 2 crashing on startup windows 8.1
  108. Filter Tournament Filter->Number of Players-> (Equal, Less, Between) not working
  109. Players nicknames looking similar, tricking HUD wrong
  110. Stats resets
  111. Tournament winnings graph incorrect all-in EV line
  112. Merge Network PLO Player Analysis Always blank
  113. Filter by bet preflop bet size not working.
  114. Purge of ipoker hands does not work
  115. The hud disappeared in redkings
  116. HM2 Tournament Summary not displaying finishes correctly
  117. HM2 mixing Tournaments with Cash Games hands & Cash game limits
  118. Problems with WPN
  119. Microgaming HHs not importing
  120. 2 table husng reports wrong winnings
  121. Winningpoker, no hud appear
  122. 888 NJ Updated Client, HUD Not Working Now
  123. HUD PFR by positions are different to report stats
  124. Party Poker Fastforward HUD not working?
  125. auto rate rules
  126. PMU poker(Party poker) HUD problem in some tables
  127. weird HUD bug
  128. Party PLO hud always goes to session stats.
  129. HUD switching between players like crazy on Titan Poker
  130. HEM2 keeps crashing, hands missing. Anyway to post a log?
  131. Wrong SNG rake (WPN)
  132. Restored Database doesn't contain hands
  133. Back up doesn't work
  134. Wrong GameType with PartyPoker
  135. Can't start Holdemmanager 2
  136. WSOP Snap Hand Import Error
  137. I cant desinstall postgresql
  138. Bug Holdem manager postqresql
  139. Missing hands and HUD not always showing up
  140. iPoker HUD problems
  141. Partypoker hud
  142. Hm2 not saving correct data
  143. HM doesn't show the correct Speed
  144. winamax issues!!!!
  145. HEM crashes when I open site setup.
  146. HUD on ipoker speed tables doesnt work
  147. Betfair Speedpoker HUD working only on one table
  148. Hand Replayer Issue
  149. WPN player stats
  150. issue when trying to create a new tag
  151. Reports not showing correctly
  152. New Jersey WSOP bugs
  153. Popup porblem?
  154. HM reinstall issue (cannot start)
  155. Hud not showing on reg tables
  156. Hud not showing on Reg tables
  157. Pokerstars Bounty Tournaments
  158. Pokerstars Bounty Tournament Results Not Importing Correctly
  159. Bounty Tournament Results Not Importing Correctly
  160. hands session vs all hands
  161. How to win over 18.000bb for one hand on IPoker
  162. Cannot open hm
  163. Partypoker Fastforward HUD problem
  164. PartyPoker SNGHero hands import as cash hands
  165. vsPlayer bugged
  166. HM2, Crashesallthetime
  167. Hud messed up after Party update
  168. HM unexpectedly closed
  169. huds from one table on every other table
  170. Cant start HM, HUDModule
  171. Pokerstars missing hands
  172. Pokerstars missing hands
  173. bug since the new update
  174. Problems when starting HEM - gets stuck in "Loading hands"
  175. Results wrong: winning hand is shs a loss
  176. I win the hand but HEM said no
  177. Unable to load HM2 - New installation
  178. Tourney Time Played is wrong
  179. Incorrect Stats
  180. replayer without colour category
  181. some ipoker hands are not importing
  182. HM2 % WIn10
  183. certain ACR hands not importing
  184. cant start HM2 HMQL module error
  185. Sit go hero bounty
  186. coral hud works only on 1 speed tabče
  187. Table Scanner 2 on BWin
  188. PostgreSQL won't start error 1053
  189. 888 Hand not showing in report
  190. 888 Bug: actions without dealing cards writes like played hands
  191. hud not appearing on fastforward on Partypoker
  192. HEM2 incorrectly detecting large scores on pokerstars.
  193. HM2 is taking stats of player positions not individual players
  194. HUD It does not update
  195. Ticket "HM-6512: Improve rebuy/addon detection on PokerStars"
  196. Issue resolution assistant
  197. EUR HU SnG @ PokerStars converting to $US for no reason
  198. Party Fastforward table "Jet" doesn't appear HUD
  199. Espresso winnings and rake
  200. HUD Coral speed
  201. Broken hand history
  202. Bug on PMU
  203. hm2 reports doest refresh
  204. hem2 thinks Olybet 8 max tourneys are 9 max
  205. HUD stop count hands & stats...?
  206. Wrong sng results
  207. Wrong size
  208. Problem resizing replayer table
  209. HUD not working well in 888
  210. Party fastforward hud not refreshing
  211. Resetting Session Stats
  212. Hud delay in speed poker
  213. HM2 crashing in the middle of the session
  214. wrong $EV calculation in spin`n`goes
  215. Failed to load type for module HMQL
  216. Wrong cEV Diff calculations for No Limit Omaha hilo MTTs
  217. Holdem Manager 2 not working on beat the clock pokerstars
  218. Active HUD is blinking
  219. HUD's Pop Ups don't open
  220. HM loading error
  221. HM2 won't load stuck on Preloading hands
  222. HUD filters: bug with filter by number of players
  223. My HEM crashes if I go to the site setup tab
  224. double/tripple hands
  225. Microgaming tournaments Imported as 11$
  226. Hold'em Manager and PartyPoker Freeze
  227. Eror wiht latest beta version
  228. Party Skin (PMU.fr) Hud non stop switch to session mod
  229. Pokerstars bounty builder bug
  230. No HUD refresh on MTT ipoker
  231. WINAMAX - Cashgame (player posts small + big blind)
  232. WINAMAX - Expresso Games (losses not included)
  233. Wrong game type @ cash game
  234. Bwin.it not Bwin bug
  235. HM 2 crushing
  236. party hud
  237. Microgaming pokerblack betsafe HUD stops working
  238. HM2 does not import any hand from microgaming.
  239. Failed to load type module LeakBusterLimitModule.
  240. HUD and database showing wrong stake
  241. Winamax - wrong results
  242. Winnings from tournaments bug
  243. 1 player stats missing Winamax
  244. Change Replayer size
  245. Party Poker no player names
  246. HUD blinks / flashes
  247. Lots of Errors in Import History (Import Source = Auto)
  248. HM not starting
  249. Tournament winnings are not correct
  250. Does the hud on Rush Hands still work after the pstars/ft merge ?