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  1. 888 poker / 6-max considered as FR
  2. Speed from PS TS overrides user-selected speed
  3. Replayer HUD on 5-handed tables
  4. Average $ USD/Hr not showing @ Sessions' tab.
  5. 4 Bet stats seem to be a bit erratic.
  6. Report/hands missing
  7. Common HM2 mistakes
  8. mass tabling too much?
  9. Active Session Summary (Tournament), doesn´t show ¨Luck Adjusted winnings¨
  10. Tournament Results Report doesn´t show chips columns.
  11. hud don t work on winamax.fr
  12. Tournament winnings graph not showing correct profit
  13. party missing seat messes hud
  14. Image Fragments from HUD/Hand Viewer
  15. prima hud
  16. .7785 HUD on 1 table goes to the back of the table. HUD restart needed
  17. Stars hud not appearing on some tables
  18. Steal filter in By Stakes Report only displays certain stakes
  19. .7785 Royal Flushes appear as "Straight flush" in Hand At Showdown (Detailed) report.
  20. Couple of big problems
  21. Report refresh bug - 7785
  22. Active session and steal popup
  23. Hand selection bug
  24. No Stats on HUD for Player with special signs
  25. PKR Omaha H/L fault
  26. Bug? Table goes black every once in a while
  27. cannot edit rebuys
  28. in correct merge results and buyins
  29. HEM2 Won't Start
  30. Partial HUD on Cake
  31. Databases keep disapearing
  32. An issue you seems to be very weak at
  33. EV bug
  34. Winnings bug
  35. Zoom HUD HM2 no work correctly
  36. HUD not working for LOCK
  37. Full Tilt import incomplete hands
  38. 888 tracking and ftp tracking doesnt work
  39. Turbopoker DON no winnings recorded
  40. Pokerstars ZOOM opponent analysis returns 0 hands.
  41. full tilt - new to the game - sng's no report
  42. Trial: A few bugs
  43. sessions by day bugged
  44. Sessions not transfered to 2nd PC after HM sync
  45. HM2 out of nowhere cannot connect to Postgres
  46. assaultware.controls.dll
  47. Game type changing in opponents->player analysis
  48. Tournament Tagging
  49. Bonuses incorrectly included
  50. Flush draw on the turn missing in "Board Texture" filters
  51. Can't start HEM2 (even after reinstall)
  52. PS HUD : wrong number of hand.
  53. Line analysis
  54. Winamax MTT results are wrong
  55. Problem with HM2 in pokerstars sng&mtts
  57. hm2 by stakes tab only recognizes one stake if set to "today", everything else is ok
  58. Problems installing HM2, special regard to PostgreSQL
  59. rake of ruby MTT not correct
  60. HUD w no hands
  61. Actions/lines missing ub Opponents->Player Analysis tool
  62. My HM2 doenst come up ffs. plz help fast.
  63. Problems with HUD in 888poker.es
  64. Cant register hm2 randomly
  65. HM Sync constantly aborts
  66. No more hud on Party.fr & PMU.fr
  67. mucked card position
  68. PokerStars "Run It Twice" bug
  69. Winamax DoN
  70. Marking hands problem
  71. "Opponents" tab makes the application crash
  72. HM2 doesnt start anymore
  73. BarrierePoker.fr / HUD not working
  74. [] Tournament Winnings Graph EV (by day/month)
  75. Visula C command stopped to funtion
  76. BarrierePoker.fr, problems with net winnings concerning 8-players DON
  77. HUD appears with no stats (HM2)
  78. HUD blink OR PokerStars hotkey disable
  79. Showdown cards appear on zoom tables
  80. Download Issue: HEM2 Wont Update
  81. Full Tilt Rush poker - can not remove Herro hud
  82. rakeback edit = crash
  83. Won/hr calculated incorrect
  84. Report 'by stakes' broke since last update
  85. Multi site
  86. Wrong equity calculation.
  87. cant track any hand
  88. incorrect reports Pokerstars SnG 180man
  89. Speed Holdem IPoker, HUD is moving at each hand
  90. Database Maanger: hm1 import by date doesn't work
  91. 888poker (pacific) and rebuy+add-on HM2
  92. HUSNG on Stars
  93. "No hero hud"
  94. Installer don't work, incorrect path
  95. HUD not working in NL25 ZOOM (.es)
  96. Replayer freezes
  97. Tourney M - Showing wrong values!!!
  98. Board texture filters don't work
  99. Look import but hud no work
  100. Showing wrong HUD in Replayer
  101. ev calculate wrong???
  102. Red Line and Tournament Bug
  103. no hud on zoom tables
  104. Went to showdown
  105. No import on FTP
  106. hud not work on zoom tables 7742
  107. iPoker SNG error in Reports
  108. $Ev diff not showing, remains at cero.
  109. HUD switching on Microgaming talbes
  110. Trouble with stats playing PLO Zoom.
  111. Hud Filter Bug for Zoom when table is not full
  112. NO stats for new players or in new table
  113. rush hud mtt stats are wrong
  114. update to 7742 only updated to 7725, hud not working
  115. hud not working on Ipoker speed poker
  116. Rush bug .7742 - show hero huds
  117. Lost Sessions TAB on Reports
  118. Zoom/HM2 problems
  119. .7740 888.es (pacific) tourneys duration wrong values
  120. rush hud cant count big blinds
  121. Huge lag/bug after last notecaddy update
  122. Errors on Ipoker 4 max DONs reports
  123. Replayer bugged?
  124. HUD crashes at zoom when hands dealt with empty seats.
  125. Export Hand from Replayer not Working - Index out of range
  126. Active Session and Reports freezing during sessions
  127. Column in Session Tab doesnt end
  128. Hud Stats for Table scanner problem
  129. filters = missing tournament results
  130. preflop positional awareness doesn't works
  131. HUD keeps crashing frequently
  132. ongame sng tracking does not work
  133. Can\t open notes
  134. No results with Network database
  135. no HUD on speedholdem ipoker
  136. hm2 hud not working on all tables on microgaming
  137. Rush not showing proper HUD at times
  138. Determine the outcome mistakes.
  139. ante's stake displayed incorrectly in export
  140. Transparent or Empty Windows
  141. Can't copy hand histories to a clipboard
  142. bug1: stats dont appear on 'stakes' report | bug2: replayer doesnt work
  143. Om2 aiev bug
  144. All bonuses are displayed regardless of date range selected
  145. tournament results - all wrong.
  146. A crazy noobish bug, i call it 3inBracket
  147. Hm crashing
  148. Notes bugged
  149. HEM2 not working with Party poker
  150. Bug: Reported winnings on 888
  151. Holdem manager2 dont start c000009c error
  152. Rush HUD issues since latest Fulll Tilt update
  153. Interesting Date Problem.
  154. Problem with results
  155. Hud shows stack instead of name
  156. HUD doesn't display stats for one player
  157. hm2 not saving preferred positions
  158. hud not working properly
  159. Made new database- hem dont show old one affter restart
  160. FTP HUD Not Working for All Players
  161. Virus problem relating to HEM2 ? False positive ?
  162. I can´t write Notes while playing
  163. .7725 Keeps importing correct logged hands with hero holecards as empty/unknown
  164. Same problem than HM-6619 for Winamax probably
  165. HUD problem on BOSSMEDIA (opoker miniview)
  166. Hand Groupings Omaha Report not working
  167. Holdem manager 2 crashes
  168. Did cold call filter excludes 4 way pots?
  169. Bug on tourneys
  170. IPOKER RUNTIME ERROR (it may be happened in William)
  171. Cake (converted) Euro tables not importing correctly
  172. .7725 Full Ring Position Report reports wrong number of hands/pos
  173. HM2 Reports tab don't working
  174. active session tab bugged out
  175. Sync interrupts
  176. Blank hud
  177. sessions disappear
  178. Postgreql problem
  179. No data on replayer
  180. sng tourney duration not working, inclucing for multisites
  181. pokerstars.fr: fifty aren't recognized
  182. Hm2 can't find ANY hand involving either q j or a
  183. Hud on prima [ANON TABLES]
  184. EV and winnings are exactly the same on graph after upgrade
  185. Problems Importing Hands in HM2
  186. Free Trial not allowing me to log in.
  187. 2 problems after last update
  188. HUD can't be moved in Zoom plo
  189. Hud need refresh constantly!
  190. hud showing stats problem
  191. Microgaming Anon Tables -HUD stats keep changing-
  192. the TOT4-bet stat in HUD is wrong
  193. hand histories off screen
  194. waiting for hands and deos not show stats on one anonimous table
  195. site options error
  196. Tournaments problems
  197. When clicking on "oppoents" or "reports" first no reaction, then crash
  198. Mucked cards doesnt work
  199. HM2 stops working (is blocked)
  200. Problem with NoteCaddy Fixed badges referencing HEM2 stats
  201. Tourney EV calc not working for FTP HU snGs
  202. Quick Filter deletes Stacksizefilter
  203. TOT Resteal (3bet vs steal)
  204. Strange Hand in my history
  205. Postgresql doesnt start
  206. Revolution rebuy HUD problem
  207. HM2 freezes my PC
  208. Badges in HEM2 replayer are disapearing!
  209. HUD lag on Bwin's FastForward
  210. No Limit seen as FL and only this month hands
  211. Error cEV Diff
  212. Why does my HUD not show up immediately?
  213. opening hand viever does not work sometimes from table
  214. Crash after crash after crash....please help!!!
  215. Zoom HUD displays but no stats...
  216. Microgaming HUD not working on MTT
  217. more filter bug
  218. HU SNG Reporting on Stars not working for me
  219. HUD doesn't work on party poker satellites
  220. .7722 Wrong rebuys amount (Partypoker.es)
  221. Filtering by Buyin
  222. HM2 on Prima
  223. Hand view export bug
  224. Serious Problems with HUD+Pop-ups
  225. decimals in personal tags
  226. Grahic Bug in WinningsSummary report
  227. anonymous tables issue
  228. HM 2 stop working after switchnig back from another user
  229. Copying hands craches
  230. No Hud in Zoom since update from 29.03. to 7721
  231. Error on startup
  232. Graphic Issues when HUD is running
  233. No HUD appearing in FT 9 handed SNG
  234. Popup don't dissappear
  235. HUD doesn't work HU
  236. abbreviation can still bug
  237. Tournament Summaries Incomplete
  238. zoom seating
  239. HUD=constant lag and freezing
  240. Tournament duration almost always wrong (Merge)
  241. "Made all-in bet" filter problem
  242. Luck Adjusted winnings graph messed up
  243. HUD bug for special nicknames
  244. not working
  245. FT hud stops when moving too final table
  246. HM2 doesnt add FTP HU hands today
  247. HUD stats constantly switching to 0 hands and back on Bwin
  248. Rant
  249. Wrong all-in EV in split pot
  250. HUD problem. Bet365 sprint poker.