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  1. Hand view export bug
  2. Serious Problems with HUD+Pop-ups
  3. decimals in personal tags
  4. Grahic Bug in WinningsSummary report
  5. anonymous tables issue
  6. HM 2 stop working after switchnig back from another user
  7. Copying hands craches
  8. No Hud in Zoom since update from 29.03. to 7721
  9. Error on startup
  10. Graphic Issues when HUD is running
  11. No HUD appearing in FT 9 handed SNG
  12. Popup don't dissappear
  13. HUD doesn't work HU
  14. abbreviation can still bug
  15. Tournament Summaries Incomplete
  16. zoom seating
  17. HUD=constant lag and freezing
  18. Tournament duration almost always wrong (Merge)
  19. "Made all-in bet" filter problem
  20. Luck Adjusted winnings graph messed up
  21. HUD bug for special nicknames
  22. not working
  23. FT hud stops when moving too final table
  24. HM2 doesnt add FTP HU hands today
  25. HUD stats constantly switching to 0 hands and back on Bwin
  26. Rant
  27. Wrong all-in EV in split pot
  28. HUD problem. Bet365 sprint poker.
  29. HUD in Replayer suddenly extremely slow (replayer only)
  30. Stats missing in reports
  31. faced preflop 3bet + in position
  32. cbet success report not working for some players
  33. Abbreviation Notecaddy
  34. performance issues
  35. Pokerstart issue
  36. Report Tab - Stats Problem v.7697
  37. Reports - Sessions by Table (only 1 hand showing)
  38. Another fail from HEM2. Literally worst program ever, ruining sessions
  39. player analysis no more working ??
  40. SNG results show incorrect numbers
  41. .7704 pacific (888.es) Rebuys, Add-ons not parsed from summary file
  42. How to stop auto importing in background?
  43. $ USD EV adjust - shows up as EUR
  44. White Poker Screen
  45. Hand auto-importing doesnt work afret the las Pokerstars.com update 2 days ago
  46. Reports - By Stakes doesnt work
  47. titan speed not working
  48. Problem with Notecaddy
  49. Cake - Only importing every 4-10th hands with errors
  50. Reports froze
  51. .7704 pacific (888.es) Tounament net winnings treated as $ instead of
  52. ipoker version
  53. White HALO on tables on ONGAME NETWORK
  54. massive log files
  55. Pokerstars client crashes when I start HM2
  56. Fragments on the screen from popups - nothing helps
  57. HM1 Pacific Poker Super Turbo Sng Wrong EV
  58. HEM2 doesn't save my seating preference for HU Sngs?
  59. Zoom bug after stars serverstart
  60. "Current directory is different that application location."
  61. HM2 / FTP.eu - Bugs and Problems
  62. Wrong 3-bet, Fold to 3-bet stats on Ipoker 7697
  63. HM2 import iPoker
  64. Betsafe - Auto detect tables
  65. Activation every time I start up HM2
  66. Hand viewer takes too much time to load
  67. Stats not displaying for nicknames w/ non-standard characters.
  68. Force Re-Import Adds additional rebuys/addons and does not fix hands
  69. Filters not filtering?
  70. Hand review Problem
  71. Overall report dissapear
  72. 2 wrong stats
  73. HM2 trial problem
  74. No HUD again on Speed Poker on Winner
  75. Pokestars(.es) tournament summaries not archived since 28/01/2013
  76. ICM graph causes closing up of HM2
  77. Stakes reported incorrectly (Merge - Carbon)
  78. I can't see hands in this place
  79. can't open the player note
  80. can't open the notes
  81. Problems on FTP
  82. Duration
  83. "Tournaments" report data dissapear
  84. .7697 Line analysis for player empty in detached window.
  85. Statistic not correct
  86. I can't add bonus to a graph
  87. Problem with last hand winner
  88. Popups leave fragments on screen
  89. Tournament not Imported...
  90. Statistics display problem
  91. Tournament results tab wrong for FullTilt
  92. Winnings empty
  93. Hands not showing in Reports
  94. Problem with rakeback line
  95. Flop card #1 rank is between ...
  96. Tourney at 12/31/9999
  97. Can't make a backup
  98. Decimals in pop-up and NC stats.
  99. Run It Twice for PokerStars
  100. HM2 import issue with pokerstars
  101. HM2 shows wrong all-in ev
  102. Tournament Reports Tournaments $EV Diff not calculated...
  103. filter all reports to this session not working properly
  104. HEM2 not importing Prima hands
  105. Fulltilt poker hu ALL in EV problem..
  106. 7688 : "Facing All-in" Filter not working
  107. 7688 Beta causes Leakbuster to crash
  108. .7685 Hands imported while playing are finally archived to UnsupportedHandHistories
  109. CustomRank Bugs?
  110. .7685 Moving HUD layout lags a lot
  111. weird problem while trying to review my HH.
  112. MTTS EV, $ICM dif, and graphs EV wrong
  113. FTP Rush HUD Bugged?
  114. HudfuncsApp2
  115. wrong chip EV diff?
  116. Significant Replayer Lag
  117. Hud works fine but Rightclick no
  118. No stats shows some players - Last update
  119. HUDs completely moved
  120. Flop Donk Bet vs Raise stats wrong
  121. HUD infos desapear and come back, than disapear again, and so...in Ipoker speed
  122. No HUD for Speedpoker on Winner Poker
  123. Save HUD position outside the window.
  124. Tournament summary errors
  125. Holdemmanger2 is very slow
  126. Problem
  127. Active session/Reports not working
  128. euro yhands not shown and no percentages
  129. Minimum samples not working properly
  130. IPOKER 4MAX Super Turbo double or nothing sng error
  131. Holdem Manager 2 EV Problems
  132. HM2 stopped working after buying it
  133. Box with last hands doesn't work properly (speed poker, iPoker)
  134. HUD not working for Revolutions cash hands in replayer
  135. PKR hud
  136. Popup HUD lags (stays) on tables after I close it
  137. .7683 on Popup Designer the "Delete" and "Reset" buttons are moving to the left
  138. This happens every time open hud options
  139. HUD on ZOOM stop working ;-)
  140. Party MTT results are wrong
  141. Problem with Net Winnings
  142. Partypoker 11$ 6max SNG 1st place finish counts as a loss
  143. HM2 - Only 1 mucked cards are not showing
  144. HEM2 shows wrong winnings for FTP ST SNGs
  145. Note Icons not Saved
  146. HM hole cards grid BUG?
  147. Replayer opens like 20 times
  148. My marked hands disapeer every time I close HM2
  149. no hands for yesterday in alias department
  150. Badges disappearing
  151. Wrong tracking of Winamax results
  152. Tournament results - not listing correct stakes, duplicates.
  153. No Hud In Zoom Poker
  154. Hud disapears, pops up, disapears and so on
  155. HM2 Note taking window problem with dual monitor
  156. hem2 tournaments not reporting properly
  157. .7683 HM2 parses hands without hero holecards
  158. note caddy popup
  159. invalid HUD stats
  160. HEM2 .7683 crashing on new installation
  161. Database increasing by nearly 10gb after playing 1000 hands
  162. SnG Finish and Winnigs Error
  163. Database Update Error
  164. PS Sunday Storm Sat 3,75 Problem
  165. Bug with Vs Hero stats
  166. Problems with HUD, hand importing and reports! Please help!
  167. Numerous PostgreSQL Errors popping up in my Event Viewer.
  168. Ipoker Speed Poker Hud Positions
  169. Overhang isn't working correct on Fullsize Table
  170. Decimals in pop-up and NC stats.
  171. HUD shows up late
  172. HEM crashed and no linger works
  173. Error CLR: 80004005 The program will end now
  174. Hero badges showing when set for display for oppenents only
  175. HM2 problems with identifying right SNGs
  176. hm crashes when going to reports
  177. HEM2 Report dont show all Winnings
  178. HUD problem with Party mtt's
  179. [HEM2 HUD] Pokerstars seat settings keep being forgotten?
  180. positions in hand viewer
  181. Posting wrong hands on twitter/My webdatabase
  182. Laggy Note window
  183. HU SNG problem with Microgaming
  184. HUD switching between tables
  185. marked hands tag and markings column not working
  186. HM2 + TeamViewer
  187. Strange process in task manager asociated with HM2
  188. Conflict between Reports - # of Hands
  189. Winnings discrepancy: Daily Cash Graph Results vs Sessions by day
  190. HUD showing a zero too much
  191. vs player stats messed up
  192. Bwin / Hand history
  193. Pot odds in percentage wrong?
  194. problem on pokerstars
  195. Missing NetAmountWon and NetBBsWon in Hands View Column
  196. Panel Positioning Problem
  197. HEM2 Won't even open!
  198. Tournament Result Tag Caount Problem For Simultaneous Tournaments
  199. Cake/Revolution hud headsup does it work?
  200. minor error std dev bb per 100 hands calculation in totals column wrong
  201. HM2 won't start - Error Report
  202. Merge MTT data and HUD problems
  203. HM2 and poker heaven.
  204. .7683 Active Session displays wrong time (pokerstars.es) in Session Summary
  205. Problems with HUD @ Rush FTP
  206. 888 poker problems on windows 8. No HUD or any hand history.
  207. .7683 Clicking notes still lags for 20s....(when you are luck)
  208. "Waiting for hands..." on all tables (cascading)
  209. Pokerstars Zoom not working
  210. Hands/stats for Hero Wrong in HUD
  211. Hud problems on Microgaming
  212. Hud problems for backup
  213. My player names keep disappearing
  214. Problem with hands column on "by stakes" report
  215. Won column in Table List is always wrong.
  216. Tournament Results Bugs
  217. DEFAULT main popup "BUG"
  218. Popups sticking
  219. vs player bug
  220. HUD not working on PS.fr
  221. Player Analysis not working
  222. TurboPoker crashes with HM
  223. Players with non-english symbols in screennames
  224. MY Notes in the Replayer not working
  225. fulltilt tournament summary
  226. Database backup-restore problem
  227. bugs with MTT on turbopoker.fr
  228. Minutes played and Hands/hr
  229. No hud on party
  230. BWin results with HEM 2 are wrong.
  231. IPoker/Poker770 Hand Import Error
  232. HUD is not showing up when player has irregular symbols in his SN
  233. Column width infinite in active session
  234. HEM2 Closes on it's own
  235. FTP rake slightly off
  236. Hud is not working on zoom tables
  237. Problems importing Merge SNG turbos and MTT's
  238. Auto import and hud don't work at 24hpoker.
  239. More Filters crashing HM
  240. Problems with HUD in sits in LB
  241. vs player report
  242. Some players stats are not shown
  243. Wrong number of rebuys
  244. HUD table stats moving position every restart
  245. NC stats in HUD have "%" sign after them
  246. Winnings report issue on 888
  247. Is Holdem Manager 2 always recording wrong results?
  248. HM2 Hands go wrong direction
  249. Report Results - Save As doesn't work
  250. HUD stoped