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  1. Showing player analysis does not work when HUD layout is locked
  2. My HUD stopped working on Pokerstars ZOOM tables after Pokerstars update.
  3. I pay 5$ with transfer in pokerstars for who can set my hm2
  4. PKR import dont work
  5. zoom not working
  6. Poker Heaven - problem, balance differences
  7. "use last x hands" bug
  8. cardrunners EV interference
  9. Wrong EV graph since the last update
  10. 3bet sizing filter
  11. Strange calculation of instances
  12. Hands view Columns bug
  13. missing replyer HH notes
  14. .8141 HUD tries to attach to holdemindicator/tournamentindicator tools
  15. HUD is blinking on Pokerstars
  16. Problems with Merge after update []
  17. Hard drive space problem
  18. Incorrect figures
  19. ftp hud doesn't update when new player sits down at table
  20. Cant backup my DB
  21. Incorrect rebuy/addon in tours on PS
  22. Problema hud FTP
  23. stars update, no stats
  24. miss data
  25. Street by street hud cant be activated in party poker
  26. Importing big stakes hand problem
  27. session stats at hive network
  28. HUD on Merge network stopped workng
  29. TST Tables stat bug
  30. Hud doesnt show stats only guions
  31. HM2 freezes
  32. New update causes HM not to load
  33. HM1 > HM2 on Win2Day
  34. Hiding Hero HUD - PartyPoker
  35. HUD not working on tablet pc
  36. hud problem and the € symbol
  37. Betsafe (ongame) doesnt import
  38. Problems with knockout tourneys.
  39. hud not showing.
  40. Problem with adding stats to reports
  41. HUD problems
  42. HM2 2.0.8129: Change HUD Opacity feature NOT working
  43. HEM2 unresponsive
  44. Hud settings/Hud Filters
  45. error parsing hand
  46. Players stats displaced (playing on winamax)
  47. Bounty Tournaments not being recognized by HM2
  48. HM2 freezing
  49. TORNY EV LINE in graphs NOT WORKING all of a sudden
  50. 888/Pacific Consistent Significant Positive Error for Cash Game Results
  51. HUD is wrong at PS.es NL25 Zoom
  52. Ipoker network HUD bug
  53. BLack screen runing HM2 with Windows 8...
  54. Hand Importing
  55. HUD problems
  56. No HUD for rush
  57. tourney buy ins totally messed up, urgent help
  58. HudFuncsApp.exe stopped working
  59. Losing marked hands
  60. HUD not working on zoom tables
  61. Stat issue
  62. Winning Summary Graph
  63. AI EV curve for tournament ? (Winamax.fr)
  64. HM doesnt create backup
  65. hands not refreshing in reports
  66. Filters bug #2
  67. Filter bug
  68. PS zoom: hud not working
  69. HUD doesnt come up on Carbon Fast tables
  70. HUD does not work at FasForward NL25 and NL100 PartyPoker
  71. Problem with my hands
  72. Stats for one table only
  73. Stars Bounties recorder incorrectly
  74. HUD filter for Heads Up
  75. Bonuses not affecte by date filters.
  76. Wrong results to PokerStars satellites (235 FPP to Sunday Storm)
  77. eur/hr stats doesn't working
  78. Hand Replayer Not Working
  79. Hud doesn't update after play snap poker in 888
  80. Sometimes my hud doesn't work
  81. hud does not show the stats(not at all)
  82. HUD doesn't work on FTP rush
  83. Pokerstars.es HUD dislocation problem
  84. Hud is not working on FastForward after PP update
  85. HUD not working for WPN High Five tournaments
  86. Hm doesn't open
  87. Importing HUD triggers incorrect overwrite promt
  88. Open Raise Size filter does not capture all hands
  89. Board Texture Filter not Working or Labeled Properly
  90. HUD not working only at 25NL on WPT (skin from the Party.Bwin network)
  91. HUD not working on Rebuys on WPN (other sites too?)
  92. Problem wih an old HERO
  93. HUD on party poker
  94. Pokersite Tab
  95. Stats dont update
  96. Filters inconsistent
  97. My hm2 calculate incorrect bb/100 or BB/100
  98. .8100 HUD not working on Zoom Table €0.02/€0.05 "Velázquez" in PS.es
  99. HM2 Crashess when up-arrow at top of scroll bar double-clicked
  100. BUG in zoom nl25 pokerstars.es
  101. Issues with HEM2 (freezing popup, immobile players' hud, doesn'y work on Party)
  102. Hud problems partypoker fast fold
  103. Stats not updating
  104. HUD on winamax
  105. Some stats are not showing up in the reports tab
  106. HUD doesn't recognize Hero on Pokerstars, seats players wrong as well
  107. HeM Hand Viewer Marking Problem
  108. can't launch HM2
  109. 15$ NL Holdem (HU, Turbo, 4Players) sng wrong payout structure HM2
  110. HUD not workin on Zoom
  111. OM Hole card filters doesn't work (sometimes)
  112. VPIP/PFR messed up?
  113. HM2 Licence suddenly won't work
  114. Hud not work FTP Rush
  115. "Adjust hand times to your local time" Auto Detect issue with Merge network
  116. hm2 dont import hads of wining poker from pt4
  117. HUD filter by number of players delayed.
  118. Hud flashing in Zoom tables
  119. Crash since filter name change from "saw street" to "hero saw street"
  120. active session bug
  121. Speed poker hud continuosly refreshing
  122. Graph for hypers satellites is incorrect
  123. Bovada hole cards not showing in replayer after today's update
  124. iPoker last hand in a game
  125. Euros Dolars problem on the report
  126. Double stats
  127. Donk bet HEM filters stats
  128. FTP incorrect import of super turbo SNGs!
  129. Board Texture Filters -> Another bug
  130. Board Texture Filters -> Flop no. of possible straights = 0
  131. sngs with ko record wrong winnings
  132. iPoker Twister and Tournaments
  133. HUD not working on 888
  134. unplayable hud placement
  135. no caddy report no new notes no hero stats
  136. Microgaming SNG
  137. Hm stats outside and up
  138. Clicking Notes on Main Popup Tab causes Hud to disapear
  139. HUD table position issue on Carbon Poker
  140. betclic.fr MTT table change, no HUD
  141. HM2 crashes on start
  142. How they see ME in the HUD
  143. Stat calculated incorrectly
  144. Sample size missing for stat on popup
  145. hud freeze pokerstars table became black after last windows 8.1 update
  146. Unopened pot? Is this a bug?
  147. Autorate not working in HU pokerstars
  148. hud is not working after pokerstars new update
  149. Help hud not there and no hands importing out of no where
  150. HM2 - cash results graph shows no unzoom button in day or months view
  151. Upgraded from HEM 1 to HEM 2 Omaha/Holdem today - No HUD on tables
  152. No HUD in Zoom tables
  153. Stars livetracking breaks after reseat
  154. Donk Bet and Bet vs Missed Cbet in 3bet Pot not showing samples amount
  155. FTP no hud after today's new update
  156. Popup Designer slow
  157. version won't display HUD on purpose
  158. Can't copy hand to clipboard.
  159. HM2 - Sportsbook / Merge MTT - Some players stats not showing on HUD?
  160. .8079 Still keep importing PS MTT TS randomly
  161. Nickname making it impossible to record hands on stars
  162. Player alias not showing up
  163. Hm2 wont start or install after update
  164. problem with hud on macbook retina running bootcamp
  165. HM doesn't importing some hands
  166. HEM2 overestimates £££ won/lost in sessions on party
  167. hm2 causes poker clent to lag and run slowly
  168. HUD displays 0 hands on all my tables and in replayer
  169. Winamax HUD problem
  170. NoteCaddy must be enabled in HUD Settings before being used
  171. some hands not imported / speed ipoker
  172. VLC Media player has a HUD?!
  173. Hand history converting not working
  174. Time - Hourly Report. EV bb/100
  175. Nl300 on revolution not imported
  176. ZooM Street by Street Problem
  177. No HUD on fastforward table
  178. HM2 laggy and slow.
  179. Alias bug
  180. HUD not working on Party 'Big Add On' MTTs
  181. not importing some Party hands
  182. River Bet - after raising flop and bet turn
  183. Pokerstars.fr HUD
  184. FTP tournaments marked as freeroll.
  185. False Duplicate Hands
  186. EQ% EV ? MWPOT postflop action
  187. stars zoom amd full tilt rush
  188. Filters>hole card filters wont work
  189. 8061 : stars not saving hand history
  190. hem2 won't start
  191. Small Bug € $
  192. 888 doesn't import hands anymore
  193. problem :(
  194. players stats are being displayed at the wrong player 888
  195. Street by Street HUD stops changing streets when I move table
  196. PostgreSQL problem HEM 2
  197. HM2 not importing FTP tournament summaries
  198. HUD not showing all hands i have
  199. HUD strange bug
  200. HM2 freezes
  201. 8056 HD sometimes doesn't display stats
  202. Pot odds on Hud doesn't work on zoom
  203. HM2 loading and emergency freezes
  204. Hand viewer screwed with my mouse
  205. No stats in a Special Character nick
  206. Session hands v All hands
  207. Stakes/ Blinds
  208. Problem in backup DB hem2 8052
  209. nice sorting
  210. disappear columns rakeback € and win with rakeback
  211. Problem with the latest version
  212. Desktop shortcut
  213. a problem with the latest update
  214. NoteCaddy note creation bugged
  215. HUD first hand
  216. Fulltilt missing hands today
  217. Stats suddenly disappear and/or shuffle (WPN)
  218. HM2 doesn´t save HH of specific opponent
  219. Known issues with Tournament Summarys?
  220. I-poker Euro not transferred to Dollar
  221. table hud problem FTP Rush
  222. Tournament winnings shown as 0$ for 888poker after importing from PokerTracker
  223. Buttons missing
  224. Incomplete Import of FullTilt Tournaments
  225. Problem with cash reports
  226. HUD does not work on Full Tilt 5.50 1-UP multi-entry tournament
  227. BUG on loading the Software - But the hud works...
  228. Replayer's 'note hand' pop-up is off screen, freezing HEM2
  229. HUD not showing on all WPN tables?
  230. Stats blurred
  231. HUD gets confused when Satellite tables aren't full.
  232. No hud on boss media (espacejeux) in tournement
  233. Equity % bug?
  234. HM2 not registering T winnings on WinCake
  235. stats don't save when i change tables
  236. HM2 saying my trial has expired while i have valid key
  237. Stickiness then computer crash
  238. Opponent Tab can't be selected
  239. Line Analysis graphic
  240. Bug when launching HM2
  241. stats in random locations when the hud starts at an 8 handed table
  242. Bug in Winnings Summary Report
  243. Livereading causes HUD to go crazy
  244. Popup Designer bug
  245. active session graph lagging
  246. Replayer caching
  247. On WPN. Guy with ( ) characters in his name breaks HM2.
  248. Zoom HUD does not work with HM2, but works with HM1
  249. Database backup doesn't work
  250. Tournament stakes incorrect with Merge