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  1. How to set up 'Hyper-turbo KO SitnGo'?
  2. How deep is SNG wizard accurate to?
  3. Create an opponent model
  4. No trial runs
  5. Integrated SnGWiz EXTREMELY SLOW
  6. Cant Get Licence to work.
  7. SnG wiz check when I playing session
  8. Why cant i see hero's stack size in quiz mode?
  9. how do i make a new sng format in wiz2?
  10. just purchased WIZ2, cant get the license to work
  11. Replay greyed out in SitNGo Wizard section of Holdem Manager2.
  12. QUiz function - Hero Position
  13. "Send to SNG Wizard doesn't work"
  14. Incorrect Status Icons?
  15. can you please add the new jackpot sngs on wpn
  16. can you please add the 8 man don format in sng wiz for WPN
  17. opponent ranges when reviewing hand history
  18. Latest sng wiz version?
  19. work with satellite's and rebuys/addons
  20. Huge FGS (Future Game Simulations)
  21. Bug in HM2 with SnGWiz2
  22. SnGWiZ vs SngWiz2
  23. Import Problems
  24. SNGWiz question before purchase
  25. downgrading to SNGwiz1 through HM2 app
  26. Error when sending hands to sitngo wizard
  27. Question about SitNGo Wizard
  28. Replayer doesn't work
  29. Status Error
  30. how do i get the wiz to show just the "error" hands like sngwiz1 did?
  31. SnG wizard lags/runniGng really slow/not responding
  32. SnG Wizard 2 is not saving the "oponent models"
  33. Graph - Hero Hand Range x Opponent Hand Range
  34. where can I find the "ICM" button from HEM2
  35. Issues with checks and X's
  36. SnG Wiz 2 error saying Im in BB when Im not
  37. Support email over quota
  38. NASH-ranges
  39. More problems
  40. Also 'Custom Hand Editor' problems
  41. Hand range change doesn't affect other details
  42. wtf
  43. sng wizard problem "sngo names"
  44. SNGWiz for fifty50?
  45. Improved Quiz Mode for SW2
  46. Changing Default Opponent Model in SW2?
  47. Quiz mode
  48. filters and sng wizard
  49. The quiz has no knockout structure?
  50. What does edge% mean in SNG Wizard?
  51. If I buy SNG2,can I use the code to activate SNG1?
  52. sitngo wizard more accurate equity analysis
  53. wizard problem
  54. Buying SNGWiz1 app, get free upgrade to SNGWiz2?
  55. SNG wizard trial 60 day free?
  56. SNG Wizard2 shows hand as wrong
  57. no current playing hand analysis?
  58. Problems with installation
  59. Folding AK o
  60. PS HyperTurbo problem with antes
  61. Database Update
  62. How do I remove sitngo wizard
  63. SNG Wizard vs NASH calculator... HELP!
  64. SnGo Wiz 1 and upgrade to 2
  65. Filters not working!
  66. i want to change the ranges of villains
  67. strange "suggestion" of wizard on hyper satellite
  68. hyper turbo sattelite. sitngo wizard problem?
  69. New Update: Hand Range doesn't work
  70. Issues
  71. sngwiz 1 code
  72. sitngo wizard hyper turbo satellite
  73. Custom hand - can't make SB flat, then BB shove... Only gives option to shove/fold
  74. Full Tilt HHs still not working with latest update
  75. SW2 crashes (more filters)
  76. get sng wizard using 75$ credit toward
  77. BUG: Exception when changing Opponent Model
  78. SitNGo Wizard questions
  79. Error - The method or operation is not implemented
  80. Cant import HEM2 full tilt sng hand histories
  81. Changing custom opponent model through .xml
  82. DONs and winamax
  83. How do i enter Quiz Mode?
  84. Your mailboix is full
  85. Q on Opponent Models & Payouts
  86. ICM mode not possible in SNGwiz2
  87. SNG Wiz Problem
  88. Activation code
  89. Merge super turbo blinds
  90. SnG Wizard 2 Tutorial?
  91. permission to folder denied
  92. Who is interested in SNG Wiz small stakes version ?
  93. Error of log = delete post danger if error log your are lost.
  94. sitNgo Wizard equity model
  95. SNGwiz2
  96. Tourn tag settings
  97. Wiz error
  98. SNG wiz in HEM2
  99. Erro- arquive log full
  100. Download and install SnG Wizz from HM2
  101. Newb question
  102. How 2 check push/fold in wiz2?
  103. Lock Poker Processing error
  104. Activation error
  105. Sitn go wizard trouble
  106. Sng wizard 1 trial needed
  107. SNG Wiz2 Alpha Issues
  108. Sng Wiz2 Alpha license not working after purchasing HEM2
  109. Does SNG Wizard to 888poker?
  110. push range on 3 way blind battle
  111. user defined tourney structures/# of tables
  112. Diff% and edge% was + but suggestion was fold
  113. What is difference between dif% and edge%?
  114. User Defined Tournament Structures problem
  115. how do you get the latest updated sngwiz version in hem1?
  116. Using sitngo wizard2 with HEM2
  117. Using sitngo wizard with PT4
  118. sng wizz license code reset help...
  119. Install SNG Wiz
  120. HM1 sitngowiz user would like to use on new computer with HM2
  121. Registered SNG wizard but not full options
  122. integrer sng wiz dans hm2
  123. SW2 suggestion
  124. hem2 sng wizard
  125. Graphyc Bug
  126. I buy license but tel me trial
  127. Merge ST format wrong
  128. SNGWiz Graphics Bug
  129. SNGWiz error
  130. Buy now SngWiz and HM2, can I get free update if u guys launch sngwiz2?
  131. SitNGo Wizard 2 Alpha Feedback
  132. @ sitngo wizard
  133. Bought SnGWz and HM-2; how to register?
  134. Not able to register on new computer
  135. Export Hands out of SnG Wizard
  136. sngw1 with hm2
  137. hm2 and sit&go Wizard integration
  138. HE2 stats in SNG
  139. hand history?
  140. SNG Wizard background colour.
  141. Graphic Bugs and some Questions
  142. Define Ranges Individually by Chart not by Pct.
  143. Filter which hands to review
  144. Merge 6 max ST/antes
  145. sng wizard for hem2
  146. SS SNGs on Merge
  147. Problem for use SNGWiz within the HM2
  148. RPM Import
  149. Conflicting Hand rankings???!!!
  150. when will SNG Wizard be functioning in HM2?
  151. problems on Ipoker (not importing all & not showing signs)
  152. Wizard Licenses
  153. SNG wizz update?
  154. HEM Disscounts
  155. SitNGo Wizard and IPoker
  156. SitNGo Wizard and IPoker
  157. marking hands in WIZ
  158. keep opponents individually given ranges over several hands
  159. Finding ICM Problems
  160. Interesting error in Wizard
  161. Quiz Mode: Merge
  162. Change my position
  163. Hm2 and sitNGo wizard
  164. SnG wizard ask for registration ?
  165. A few questions
  166. Can't see buttons (pic included)
  167. Does not import
  168. Fifty/50 6-MAX on pokerstars.fr
  169. Carbon (Merge) 6 max/ 6 max DONs mixup
  170. Need internet connection?
  171. Cant not find the option "Open Tournament folder"
  172. Winamax and SnG Wizard: works?
  173. SNG Wiz - HEM, better integration
  174. Wiz claims license is expired
  175. Reverse the order SNG Wizzard plays back hands.
  176. Merge DoN 6-max
  177. HM + SnGwiz
  178. 6 Max DON's (Merge)
  179. SH Analysis with Winamax is not possible
  180. Can't import hands SnG HU Hyper-Turbo Pokerstars
  181. SitNGo Wizard problems
  182. options missing on home page
  183. SNG wizzard trial
  184. Holdem Replayer Wiz it Option
  185. updating wizard
  186. bug
  187. I just encountered this error
  188. Error in Sng Wiz display
  189. Request: individually variable range calculations
  190. SNG Wizard and Lock Poker (Merge)
  191. Microgaming And Sngwizard not working
  192. Error using SNG Wizard in Merge
  193. Poker site is running
  194. a few (stupid) questions
  195. Problem with opening database hands
  196. FTP 45 man - Wrong default payout structure
  197. What configuration should I pick?
  198. Are the payout structures for FTP 45s correct
  199. Cant analyze a game
  200. TOURNEYS in HM
  201. SNGWiz separate tool
  202. Import Tournaments into Wiz
  203. Updating to atest SNGW
  204. HEM HUD in SNGWiz
  205. Latest sng wiz
  206. Quiz Mode - Ending, need help
  207. How to analyze MT-SnGs (18 and 27 players)?
  208. Raise-Call Range
  209. Bug with images
  210. Plz make Wiz for the Android
  211. pokerstrategy shop
  212. Sng Wiz call and open %
  213. CARDS aren't displayed
  214. SitNGo Wizard Can't import Entraction Hand history!
  215. HEM crashes after clicking on shoving range in WIZ
  216. Suggest separate sngwiz forum for hand discussion
  217. sngwizard does'nt import HH from Pokerstars.it
  218. paid 99$ for sng wiz but no activation code
  219. export hands
  220. Error message whan i want to analyse hand
  221. Hands to sitngo wizards bugs..
  222. Getting Error message when starting SitNGo
  223. Wiz appearance changed since reinstall
  224. Range% vs Prob% - How come it's different?
  225. Trial Expired
  226. Error on win 7 64bits
  227. [integrated sngwiz] Question about opponent modeling
  228. SitnGo Wizard Trial
  229. pot odds
  230. ICM Question
  231. SNG Wizard has been integrated into HEM for over 4 months now and no updates! Why???
  232. Missing features in SNG Wizard trial
  233. URGENT HELP REQUIRED. Bought SnG Wiz but no activation code
  234. Background Image
  235. 180's 2/3 tables left
  236. any recommendations for default edge for stars 18 man turbos?
  237. Saving Custom Games
  238. Quiz settings useless - screenshot inside
  239. SnG wizard different analysis
  240. Install SNG Trial Question
  241. SnG Wizard - chip equity mode
  242. indicator column in HM version?
  243. SnG doesn't mark some good/bad push's
  244. Sending marked hands, wrong actions shown
  245. Sng wizard doesn't work
  246. SNG Wizard GUI Problems
  247. Error in HEM edition of SNG Wiz
  248. purchase code
  249. so the only way to go through a full sng HH is to click through one hand at a time?
  250. SNGWizard standalone update?