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  1. Reset TN1 keys
  2. TN Down?
  3. TN not loading
  4. Tableninja makes PC crash for some reason
  5. TN1 "Cannot connect to Server" Error
  6. Table Ninja 1 can use on Pokerstars 7?
  7. player color while playin
  8. Thank you for Purchasing TableNinja with Lifetime Free Updates!
  9. TN1 auto-clicking "I'm Ready" on Stars final tables - PLEASE FIX!
  10. TN1 development and support will end on July 1st
  11. Tiled Tables Moving Automatically Problem
  12. tableninja2 not lcicking check/fold properly
  13. Circulation error :s
  14. TN1 Purchase code (just been reset) not working
  15. Location where new table opens
  16. TN1 won't click
  17. Table control problem - unable to resize tables
  18. key TN1
  19. Switched code to another pc, now it won't work on main pc
  20. TN 1 stopped working
  21. Table Ninja 1 only working sporadicly
  22. pokerstars steal focus
  23. Table ninja sensei + mtts
  24. TN preset sizing doesn`t work with HM2 open!
  25. TN2 trial
  26. TN1 and windows 8.1
  27. Sng opener advanced Player acceptance / rejection
  28. Registered popup stealing focus
  29. TN1 Download for Poker stars
  30. Questions on Using TN Only for Annoyances
  31. liscense code
  32. Keep tn1!!!
  33. You force us to upgrad to TN2 ?
  34. Table ninja 1 download??
  35. TN1 cannot connect to server
  36. Table Ninja 2 slow
  37. TN1 on PokerStars - Pot Betting Not Working
  38. Hotkeys not working
  39. table ninja 2, first try, multiple bugs
  40. Tables Dont PopUP
  41. Table Ninja freezes while loading
  42. Possible serious crucial problem since last update
  43. [PS.fr] Auto-Rebuy problem
  44. Latest TN1 update completely messed the rebuy management for SNG and MTTs
  45. "Pot betting" function does not work
  46. Mouse jump issue
  47. Sit'n'Go Opener clears filters in lobby
  48. When I bought TN1 I got this promise...
  49. Table Ninja makes the buttons unsensitive
  50. Where can I Download TN 1 ?
  51. Problem with stack tables
  52. Auto hitting hotkeys
  53. Sit'n'Go Opener Error message with Pokerstars
  54. New PC
  55. Table Ninja bug
  56. Tableninja FT bug on latest FTP update
  57. freezing
  58. Table ninja + hm2 problem
  59. not showing BB in sngs
  60. Backup
  61. TN keeps registering after closing Table on Stars
  62. Final table
  63. ERROR getting blinds
  64. table ninja -> table ninja 2
  65. Table in action doesn`t steal focus
  66. how bet integer numbers?
  67. Tn hm2
  68. Cash Game Antes
  69. table ninja ver sit-n-go sensei fix
  70. Currently Registered doesn't register.
  71. issues with 5-10 zoom on stars
  72. "Tableninja is loading" AlwaysOnTop red box interferes with poker
  73. Tables instantly closing when finished since update ( + other issues
  74. Tournament lobbies not closing properly
  75. TN interferes with PS native Rebuy
  76. Counting WRONG
  77. 5 card omaha support
  78. TN Size Betting
  79. Auto Add-on not working
  80. Table Ninja on PS.EU + PS.FR at the same time
  81. Stars update causing crash?
  82. New SNG exit popup in PS
  83. Call any instead of Check/Fild
  84. table ninja wont start up
  85. Hotkey Errors *IMPORTANT*
  86. New Update issues
  87. Tableninja update failed
  88. TableNinja Version -- Fix for SnG Sensei
  89. New install won't work
  90. Conversion stack size and bet size to BB
  91. Table layout options with TN on Stars
  92. Auto activate timebank error
  93. Sng opener - Statistics - Currently Registered fail
  94. uninstalled TN
  95. SNG opener - color code system to avoid players
  96. Unable to start TableNinja from within HM2
  97. Table Ninja and Apple Mac
  98. Custom table theme: minimal bet instead of folding
  99. Cursor moves when trying to click
  100. Feature Request: Opening/Closing Feature
  101. TN Register Error
  102. Update TableNinja "soon" - Sensei problem
  103. jump mouse to table
  104. Problem with SnG Sensei and BB left
  105. Feature Request: Harrington's Zone System
  106. Sit-n-Go Opener Statistics.
  107. TN FT still not working
  108. Problem of Replayer PokerStars
  109. I can not use the hotkeys from table ninja when the Holdem Manager is opened
  110. sit-n-go opener advanced problem
  111. HM1 does it work with Windows 8
  112. Unhandled exception
  113. TableNinja Version -- Fix for SnG Sensei
  114. Problem with auto rebuy in cash game on PokerStars.fr
  115. IPoker
  116. Faster Sng Opener set-up?
  117. TN not working with HyperSimple Theme
  118. Question about automatism
  119. Problem with Hotkeys - input
  120. Action buttons do not work
  121. re-raise on turn
  122. Sit-N-Go Opener Problem
  123. Is TableNinja available for bwin?
  124. TN crashing when opening
  125. adding existing TN licence to HEM2
  126. TableNinja stars and check/fold
  127. Table Ninja (Pokerstars)
  128. TN crashing .net framework
  129. Radom tables force their way to top of stack
  130. Pokerstars.fr pokerstars theme error
  131. Last hand history
  132. opening sizes
  133. Automatic options not working, help!
  134. Problem with SNG opener - wrong #occurrences of filtered stakes
  135. Windows 8 problem?
  136. Set Table Aside Problem
  137. TableNinja Version -- Fix for Nova themes
  138. help me,more problems with HUD,TNJ and Pokerstars windows
  139. tableninja auto add-on auto-rebuy check box keep flashing
  140. HEM 1 when push bet button on stars, the tables button behind is being pushed aswell
  141. Table Ninja Failing to Startup
  142. Table ninja 3,5R 180 players
  143. TableNinja Version -- Fix for SnG Sensei
  144. Windows 8, Font resize.
  145. Maximizing the lobby?
  146. Errors in TN log (attached)
  147. Table ninja keep crashing on start up
  148. Problems with pokerstars.fr
  149. TableNinja Version -- Fix for SnG Sensei
  150. table ninja preflop bet
  151. TN slowing down the system
  152. Framework net fix?
  153. SnG Opener doesnt work after update
  154. error "select sit-n-go in the main lobby"
  155. TableNinja Version -- Fix lobby interaction
  156. On screen display doesn't work
  157. Join Waitlist hotkey broken AGAIN!
  158. TableNinja Version -- Fix for PokerStars.eu
  159. Table Ninja
  160. TableNinja Version -- Fix for SnG Sensei
  161. Suggestion (if not there): Different opening (/3bet/4bet) size depending on position
  162. stars update f**** everything!
  163. custom number of players not supported
  164. table ninja not working anymore
  165. New PokerStars update causing problems
  166. Проблема with TableNinja and HM 1
  167. 2 Table Ninja Requests
  168. table ninja - purchase
  169. Tables popup infront of action "Stacked Tables"
  170. SNG Sensei didnt recognize when tables close
  171. Keep getting same error
  172. Tableninja does not remember settings
  173. Can't downlaod TN for stars
  174. table ninja slows down ps replayer
  175. SNG opener bug/problem with registering
  176. Is there a tableninja for Lockpoker in the works?
  177. how to disable "game type may not be supported"?
  178. TableNinja Version -- Fix for SnG Sensei
  179. TN causes PS to lag
  180. My 'Pot betting' setups in TN are not working in the WCOOP - Please fix this asap
  181. TN keeps crashing
  182. PStars lobby always pops up to front
  183. Sit-n-Go opener error
  184. Default bets broken!
  185. TableNinja Version -- Fix for SnG Sensei
  186. Tablestart problem when clicking 'start' on sit n go opener
  187. Dredded forced tableninja update brings sensei bug
  188. TableNinja Version -- New options for SnG Sensei
  189. Default bets for preflop doesnt work.
  190. TableNinja Version -- Fix for SnG Sensei
  191. Purchase Question
  192. Join waitlist (or open table) button not working after Pokerstars update.
  193. TN update problem
  194. TableNinja Version -- Fix for Sensei on Stars.fr
  195. Sit n go betting
  196. pot size post flop raise with villain already bet
  197. Table ninja problem
  198. fold button on tnhk used with x box controller
  199. Need TN older version
  200. Table Ninja with "slick"theme
  201. Problems with next to act table
  202. pokerstars.eu and pokerstars.fr problem
  203. TableNinja Version -- Fix for Sensei and BB display
  204. BB stats on TN dosent work....
  205. Alot of errors on last version pokerstars
  206. Table manager join waitlist not working since update
  207. fold but pots
  208. table ninja bb
  209. Waitlist problem and a suggestion
  210. Bust tables not closing
  211. OSD not working
  212. Sit-n-Go Opener not working
  213. Bug with bet sizing
  214. Error - Hotkeys not working on stars
  215. PS tooltips
  216. weird problem, tn stops working every day
  217. Poker Stars Change Felt Color Beta
  218. about close one table question
  219. TableNinja Version -- Auto select info tab
  220. I am willing to buy Table Ninja but...
  221. Table ninja bug
  222. We want "auto switch to info tab" back
  223. Table Ninja Info Tab new version disabled
  224. SnGs no longer go to "info box"
  225. TableNinja Version -- Fix for default bets
  226. TN Stars stopped working
  227. tableninja (pokerstars version) please add this feature
  228. How to setup SNG opener for 1 table sng?
  229. SNG Opener not opening/closing/counting
  230. Tableninja, pokerstars.eu, current number only goes up
  231. Request - autofold-hotkey
  232. ps.com and Ps.fr
  233. table control, cycling hot keys
  234. TableNinja Version -- Fix for Sensei
  235. OSD in omaha tournaments
  236. pokerstars(R) settings folder error
  237. sensei and stars.es
  238. sensei and stars.fr
  239. Keep having to reboot TableNinja
  240. table ninja profiles
  241. Auto close tournament without notification and Table Ninja
  242. 'joint waitlist or open new table' button isn't working. Please fix.
  243. Dont pop up lobby after auto cash buy-in
  244. TN PS renewal
  245. Sit and Go opener nor working
  246. SNG Sensei filter doesn't work on stars
  247. TableNinja Version -- Fix for .com Sensei
  248. TableNinja Version -- Sensei fix for .ee and .eu
  249. PokerStars.EE SNG Sensei not working (Select Sit-n-Go in the main lobby)
  250. Default bets not working