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  1. NoteCaddy 2.8 BETA Pokerstars.India, PokerMaster, Express Definitions, +many fixes
  2. NOtecaddy Definitons and Hud
  3. NoteCaddy not working for cash games
  4. NoteCaddy throws an error window
  5. Creating notes has significantly slowed down without any reason.
  6. note/stat creation speed
  7. hero notecaddy stats
  8. CaddyClock .. Research
  9. Just Bought NC Omaha and not working
  10. Strange error (or am I getting crazy)
  11. Filtering Player Pool by Badge in HM2
  12. Diskspace???
  13. NC using so much space
  14. Create population tendencies
  15. Notecaddy PokerMaster problem
  16. HU HUD stats for hero
  17. Hero stat not appearing
  18. Note creation stalling
  19. HM2 Restore rejects NoteCaddy Definitions
  20. Old assaultware notecaddy license, says invalid HM2 key when trying to transfer
  21. notes panel and badges problem
  22. Most HUD stats not showing up using NC
  23. NC stats not working for hero
  24. Support for PokerStars.in
  25. notecady > notify only limper players?
  26. Partitions are missing
  27. junk on main popup
  28. NC version
  29. Hud configuration
  30. scatter
  31. NC on party poker
  32. specific note definition
  33. How to customize my own NC.PlayerTags
  34. Transfer notecaddy stats to pt4
  35. No Notecaddy Notes anywhere
  36. Heat maps?
  37. Saw hero statistic question
  38. NoteCaddy Omaha VS Holdem
  39. HUD badge refresh time slowed way down after adding composite defs
  40. Note not assigned correctly to ennemy although test is ok
  41. VPIP in NC
  42. notecaddy speed in holdem manager 3
  43. Improvement feedback
  44. Notecaddy, CaddyScatter - is it legal to use this while playing on zoom?
  45. notes disappear after switching from 3way to HU
  46. empty popups
  47. Note Caddy session stats
  48. question about note creation
  49. Flop bet size
  50. Notes doesn't work
  51. Is Note caddy allowed on 888
  52. hand strength as stat in HUD
  53. How to fix caddy spark notes
  54. Some stats doesnt work
  55. Create notes on processed hands with new definition
  56. isn't it possible to add NC stats to HEM2 reports?
  57. Note Definitions won't stay deleted
  58. Cached note timeout (minutes)
  59. Weird Bug or mistake?
  60. i dont want to see non showdown hands
  61. Notecaddy for HM3?
  62. Stats get "broken"
  63. New Download Link for SpinNGo Coaching Package?
  64. why does this happen in notecaddy
  65. How to create "EV chips per game" stat?
  66. how to create non existing stats in hm2 with notecaddy?
  67. Confused with stat definitions
  68. How to customize stats from Notecaddy pack?
  69. Preflop all in stats
  70. What features of Notecaddy are active live, and not active live at pokerstars?
  71. Nlo8 plo8
  72. Show isntant replay by hovering over the hud
  73. Notecaddy instant replay preview
  74. PopulationAveragePercentage decimal points
  75. NoteCaddy Coaching Pack reainstall
  76. NoteCaddy files
  77. missing % NC statistics in HUD/Popup
  78. Can I get several players as one(just as alias) in Notecaddy's note?
  79. notecaddy very slow
  80. population tendencies
  81. Problem with Badges
  82. Filter for enemy stack sizes
  83. CaddyScatter errors
  84. export notecaddy statistics with a scrpit
  85. Note Caddy stopped working
  86. Using last x hands for notecaddy ???
  87. Badges have been moved
  88. Stat not shown in HUD but note definition is working
  89. Stat request: Check-Fold Multiway
  90. Note using Player Type with NC def
  91. Alias feature containing all villains - looking at vpip?
  92. Black screen for NC
  93. notecaddy problem
  94. Partypoker note creation issue
  95. How to find out database average for a stat?
  96. no stats from notecaddy personalized definitions
  97. Can't Locate The Setting To Only Display Known Hole Cards
  98. Pokerstars Note File Location windows 10
  99. Serial number lost
  100. Lost notecaddy serial number
  101. NC.LastShowdown.Hands/how to make a similar or edit?
  102. Notecaddy decimal places
  103. Notacaddy crash at start
  104. Note Caddy definitions
  105. Nickname problem?
  106. 4bet Range not showing as a Range in Notecaddy Popup
  107. Note value not appearing in popup
  108. Note creation hanging with message 'saving notes to database..'
  109. rangemeister
  110. Sorting by Group Prefix
  111. Custom stats does not appear in Mtts hud.
  112. Count Total Opportunities and Instances for all players
  113. Notecaddy note creation pausing ingame
  114. Pie chart and bet/Fold Spots
  115. NC.playertags showing same badges for MTT and CASH games
  116. Live HUD only showing PF notes
  117. Handstrength: Middle Pair and Bottom Pair on Paired Rivers
  118. Can't Find General SRP General CBet Stat
  119. Trying To Remove Heatmap From Notes Icon Hover
  120. Fold to delayed cbet?
  121. Mouse hover doesn't work over HUD entries
  122. Badge icon are to small
  123. Creating HUD stats in Notecaddy
  124. Turn off note creation completely
  125. Variable: $flopposition
  126. Creating definitions / Creating notes /etc.
  127. Instances in popup
  128. A Composite Definition doesn't work properly
  129. Allow non show down hands to count for ranges question
  130. Opportunities/ sample size pop-up
  131. Scaling in HUD
  132. CO open vs hero from BTN notedefinition
  133. Action sequences problem with limpers
  134. Action sequence, problem with limpers
  135. Action sequence, Limpers problem
  136. Card matrix in pop-up shows same for all stats.
  137. NoteCaddy issue with "analysis" function
  138. Define opportunities by range question
  139. Open Shove stat help needed please
  140. Notecaddy Player Types
  141. Check for bug, please!
  142. Preflop > Holdem Cards Tab
  143. How to making a definition for 4-way or 5-way limped flop
  144. New note definition receives wrong note recipient
  145. NC.PlayerTags doesn't show up for some players
  146. How to make a notecaddy coaching package?
  147. Alias for aggro shortstacks
  148. Colour coding problems
  149. the licence to notecaddy is valid for 2 pc ?
  150. Badge incorrect?
  151. Fold 2 3bet composite defintion
  152. NC creating notes stops a few seconds after start
  153. Super slow import question
  154. Composite Definitions. CPU load.
  155. How to get notes from postgress database
  156. Exclude limp/raise from squeeze stat
  157. Reset Notes does not work
  158. I've a NC Licence, however NC does not start
  159. notecaddy inn hm3
  160. Note Caddy bages
  161. I have assigned a 30 day Omaha trial extension, and NC.LastNoteAdded hud not runs
  162. NoteCaddy Does not create notes about symbol (0)
  163. River hand range detection
  164. NOte on HA don't switch
  165. SecretHUD 2.0 Professional collection of definitions/stats and pop-up
  166. Implicit question
  167. cant locate notecaddy setting that creates text notes from last HH automatically
  168. number of threads ?
  169. Notecaddy notes
  170. Flash on River detection (w.o. backdoor)
  171. Run it twice problem
  172. badges display!
  173. bet/check threshold
  174. no-3bet definition
  175. weird problem
  176. Hand strenght not working in 4 flush boards
  177. Popup problem
  178. BUG: Pots that are run twice and split only count towards either won or lost
  179. HELP / Nothing is working as expected !
  180. Cardrange not showing while playing
  181. Custom Note Question.
  182. custom notes and Disk space
  183. Note defenition is not recognized
  184. Definitions don''t sort by a priority
  185. badges display!
  186. Card Range question
  187. SB Steal vs Rec Player
  188. Badges
  189. Yellow N symbol (Notes symbol) went missing from HUD
  190. Help with a stat
  191. Problem with new notes
  192. Display badge prefixe
  193. excluding creating notes from 2nd nick
  194. How to transfer badges to new database?
  195. Functions in PokerStars(.es)
  196. Not creating notes
  197. Pure beginner question note definition
  198. "Define opportunities by action" use of resources
  199. Definition Digest dont start
  200. Old hands imported, old NC defs make active, generates 0 notes??
  201. fast replayer
  202. PLO: Nut Straight OTR Strength: 0
  203. square orane
  204. Background color of notes.
  205. Colour coding issue
  206. Notecaddy Edge - cannot make manual notes
  207. Badges now showing in HUD in Winamax
  208. Effective stack size filter not working
  209. Lack of dots on scatter graph?
  210. Help me with filtering plz!
  211. NC Badges not staying in assigned rows
  212. critical notes cady only by default
  213. Fold to delayed turn cbet HUD stat
  214. How to edit definitions created by "NC.OrderedBadge"
  215. NoteCaddy stats not showing in HUD
  216. Note cady database settings
  217. NC.PlayerTags doesn't show for some players
  218. Problem to show definition as %
  219. Note Caddy Definition locker payments
  220. Opp by range?
  221. The Sorting of notes in a popup sometimes doesn't work correctly
  222. Note Caddy pop up shows only in HM2 replayer
  223. My notecaddy has some real problems with position
  224. does notecaddy ever account for empty seats
  225. is notecaddy suppose to be this slow
  226. Stop log creation?
  227. Help
  228. turn Cbet question
  229. Composite def from hem stats
  230. Zoom HUD initialisation problem and functionality loss?
  231. Multiple databases
  232. 3bet Shove Stat HM2
  233. note display
  234. note hero
  235. General information about note caddy
  236. Remove note tasks always fill up disk
  237. Notecaddy Badges overhanging
  238. Stars notes import not working
  239. increase nubers of "last instances" showing
  240. notecaddy maximum number of threads for cpu?
  241. Note cady setting
  242. Observation - Behaviour change for display of custom NC notes in HUD
  243. specific pool analysis with NC
  244. Notecaddy stopped to work!!!
  245. Adding a stat to NoteCaddy Heat Map
  246. stat not displayed on the tables
  247. ram inject
  248. quick easy question
  249. 888 statistic errors
  250. Flop CBet Stats